The Pipe smoking ghost:

 Date: Oct 13th 2004
Location: Union Lawn In Navarre

My sister in law Carolyn and I Went out ghost hunting on Sat 13th, 2004. There's a little town
called Navarre, it was founded in 1806. There is a part of the cemetery that is of the first people  to live there (in Navarre). The sandstone gravestones in this part are very old and some are blacken and warn away from time and weather. Well her and I was rapping it up for the day warn I said "lets cut through the old part and see if we get lucky." I never through how TRUE  my statement would be.

We looked around till we found a headstone that has withstood the test of time, 95% of the face was readable. now on that day the wind was blowing at 10 MPH (I check when I got home)
While we was standing there we read off the name

DR. Nathan E Coffin

Died Oct 24 1828

As you stood there a faint small came over us, at first we were stumped, then the smell grew
stronger, it was that of pipe tobacco and we both agreed on it. Well there were NO houses
near by, any plants, no other "living" people around us. We walk on about 20 feet from the Dr.
Grave. I told her lets go back" and we did, when we got back to the grave we did not
smell anything till about 30 Secs went by and we both started smelling it again!! NOW even with the  wind blowing it did not leave us! So we said goodbye and went to my car (50 feet away). Well we walked right into the smell, it was following us. I said that he could not come with us, he must remain here, and as we stood there the smell left us.


Now thinking I was just a bit crazy I called up my other sister-in-law Christine and we went
back to the same spot. Now on Sun 14th I checked the weather and the wind was at 0 (still)
we want back to the grave and stood and started to talk to Dr. Coffin ( I was also recording for
EVPs) about 2 mins into it she looks at me and says I smell pipe tobacco! As did I this time it
was VERY strong!! So we both spilt up in a 15 foot radius, and stood still, about 30 secs later
she says she can smell it, then after a min it faded and left her, then about a min later I started smelling it.

I then moved back to his grave stone and stood, my sister-in-law Christine stood where she
was, As I asking questions I started to faintly started to smell it again, then as it grew stronger I started to feel a soft pins and needles in my hand, then my arm, to my chest, head and  legs till 100% of my body tingled, as slowly as it started it then left my body. It will be something I will never forget.