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Massillon Paranormal Research Association

Research, Investigation &Education

Founded September 1st 2004

(Formerly the Massillon Ghost Hunters Society)

Welcome to Massillon Paranormal Research Association, we research and investigate claims of the paranormal and try to understand the phenomenon behind it. We have a strong belief that along with research and investigation; paranormal education is also very important. We strive to bring a higher level of professionalism to this field.

In 2004 with my wife and with the help of other family members and friends, founded the Massillon Ghost Hunters Society a group based on standards and ethics with a drive for in-depth research and case studies.  In 2018 we changed our name to better reflect who we are and what we do. The Massillon Paranormal Research Association has the same standards, ethics and in-depth research as before. We hope to learn as much as possible about this truly unknown field. 


Many people from different countries and religious backgrounds throughout the centuries have had some sort of unexplained experiences. 

The earliest surviving report of a haunting is from a letter written by Pliny the Younger (61 – c. 112) to his patron Lucius LiciniusSura. In his letter he describes a haunted villa in Athens that was unable to be lived in until the philosopher Athenodorus (c.74 BCE – 7 CE) came to the city. The rent was low and he had heard of the house’s reputation for being haunted, he decided to move in. The spirit, an elderly man bound with chains, appeared to Athenodrus during the first night, and gestured to the philosopher to follow him. The apparition vanished once it reached the courtyard, and Athenodrus carefully marked the spot. The next morning, he requested the magistrate to have the spot dug up, where the remains of a skeleton of a man bound with chains was discovered. The ghost never appeared again after the skeleton was given a proper burial.


These are our core values:


We do not believe in posting orbs pictures, while orbs are popular, 99% of them are false positives.   We scrutinize all of our own data before ever releasing it to the public.  We do not use equipment that is susceptible to interference from man-made signals.

We believe in trying to better understand the paranormal through strict research and repeatable data.  We perform investigations of residential homes & businesses at no charge to the client.

We do not believe on trying to profit off this field.

We do not believe is using this field to attain fame by trying to get our own TV show.

We do believe that paranormal research, investigation and education is our #1 priority. 


We are committed to finding and collecting data that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activities and why they happen, so that we may learn why ghosts have remained here after their mortal passing.  We are also committed to the research of or an area or property that may be haunted. We also believe paranormal education is very important for the public, our clients and this field. 

Research Standards

Before any investigation research must be done to better understand the history of the   location and what events took place there in the past. This allows us to better   understand possibly who the spirit in question might be. We specialize in spirit profiling   to better understand your case. When we take on a case before any investigating is done we do an in-depth study and research of the place, who lived there and who might have died there, but not limited to any other history of the building. This research is compiled and will be gone over with the home or business owner.

Investigation Standards

We believe in long term studies and research of all cases, through these methods over time we have a better chance of uncovering who is possibly haunting the property. After we complete your spirit profile we will set up a time for your investigation. We will be at your property anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Once the investigation is completed we will take the collected data back and review all audio, photos and/or video. Once we have the reviewing process completed we will set up a time and a date to review with you. At that point we will set up another time and date for a follow-up investigation. We will continue this in till we have a good understanding of your case and able to explain it to you.

Remember, you cannot do just one investigation and deem a location haunted; it takes many follow up investigations to fully understand your case through the collections of data. Once enough data is collected and repeatability is proven does the data become evidence. Unlike other groups we believe in the quality of an investigation not the quantity of them. 

Standards & Ethics

We believe in long term studies of a case. We believe that you cannot perform just one investigation and determine a location is haunted, more long term studies are needed. When we investigate a location it is a long term study with in-depth research on it.

We do not use any equipment that we feel can give us false positives or equipment that is susceptible to interference from man-made signals.

We are a Not-for-Profit group, we will never charge you for our time, research or investigations, including follow-up.    

We are in this field to better understand the paranormal and to develop hypothesis about it; we do not believe this field should be used to gain profits off the public or to attain fame thought having a TV show. We believe that a group that makes money off the paranormal is a conflict of interest. 

We will never sacrifice our standards and ethics for fame, profitability or even evidence. We are dedicated to paranormal research, investigation and education.

We respect your privacy we will never post videos of your investigation online or release your personal information online.  


We take all investigations seriously. We perform our investigations with integrity and respect

to the client and their homes or places of business. We do not believe in provoking during our 

investigation. We give all spirits the proper respect.  Client confidentiality is also very important 

to us.  We will never disclose any private information of your case to thepublic and we will never profit off of your investigation.  

We investigate for spirits that linger after their mortal death by the use of digital recorders, photographs, EMF meters and video. We review all theories and methods as this is still not an exact science. 

Through our paranormal research we hope to open people’s minds to a better understanding of the afterlife.

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