Electronic Voice Phenomena


EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This is the process by which the

dead through sound, communicates with the living through static and white noise

of electronic devices. At the time of the recording these sounds are not heard

until when the recorder is played back.  


EVP: Three people, four byes.


I say "Hake", then my wife says "Bye", then my sister in law says "Bye" followed up with me saying "Bye". We got in the car and headed home. All three of us said "bye," followed by a reply "bye" - a fourth one! 


EVP: 1892 and the little old lady.

 As I read off the death date at that stone, a little old lady started just before me: you can hear her say Born (then both of us)¦1892." What is said after that I cannot be sure of 


EVP: I can’t believe there getting us on tape.

While recording I said "This device and record your voice on tape." The reply was "I can't believe there getting us on tape."


EVP: Little girl saying "Les"

 One of the clients Lori was telling us about her sister Leslie and about how everyone calls her Les. During the pause in the story in the beginning you can hear the little girl repeat the word "Les" 


EVP: Please come over here

 About 15 minutes into recording we have recorded a male saying Please come over here. 


EVP: They don’t mean to stare

On this day we were walking in a cemetery and I looked up to see at a distance the grounds keeper and 4 workers looking at us.  I said to my team members “Hey guys the grounds keeper is staring at us.” we have what sounds like a little girl say “They don’t mean to stare.”