Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I attend an investigation?

A: Sorry, but due to client privacy and liability issues we are unable to bring guests.


Q: Do you give ghost tours?
A: No we do not give ghost tours, sorry.

Q: What is a ghost hunter?
A: Ghost Hunt is when we check out some place which may be haunted. No stories have been
told about the place, and no one is quite sure it's haunted, but it looks like it could be.  A Ghost Hunt could very well turn up some new places to investigate later on. Which in turn brings us to........

Paranormal Investigating. This is when there has been feasible proof of a/many haunting(s) in  an area. Be it by word of mouth or actual documentation, there is definite activity happening. This  is when the investigation equipment comes out to play. The hi-8 cameras, the IR thermometers,  the EVP recorders, the EMF meters and so on. This is the nitty gritty of the two and we  document everything we feel, hear, see, smell and so on. This is one of the most thorough, detailed parts of the entire paranormal experience.

Q: Are these pictures/sounds (evps) fake?
A: NO we are skeptical about everything we see and hear. Several members analyze every
picture/EVP until we are completely sure of the authenticity of the picture/EVP and not only until  we feel it is 100% paranormal that it is posted.

Q:  Can I use these pictures or EVPs on my site?
A: NO all of our pictures and EVPs are copy protected and are the sole property of Massillon Paranormal Research Association and we ask that you do not use them without permission in any shape, way or form.

Q: Can I become a member?
A: We are not taking any new members at this time.

Q: Do you charge for an investigation?
A: we are a not-for-profit 

organization, we do not charge for our research and investigations. 

Q: I think my house is haunted will you come to investigate?
A: It depends, if you are interested then email us with a detailed report of the activity in your  house/place and where you are from and after reviewing the information we will make our decision and send you a reply.

Q: What will happen during an investigation?
A: We will go to the location; we use several piece of equipment to gather readings, take
photos, EVP recordings and possibility collect video footage. We will be keep a log of all activity and recording information.

After the investigation we will examine all the collected information compose an investigation  report of our findings, then we will contact the individual(s) and report any findings.

Q: Can you rid my house of ghosts?
A: No we are not Ghostbusters in any way, shape or form. We can only try to prove that there is
a ghost there and nothing more, sorry. There has been no proven way to rid a location of ghosts.

Q: Do you use ouija boards ,séance, dark arts and/or other forms of summoning?
A: NO we do not use them or even think they should be used at any time. We do NOT condone
anyone to use these methods for the single reason that you have no idea if who you are talking
to, are who they say they are. You can get anyone or anything coming through.